Welcome to my blog! Weekly Creative Briefs to Inspire. A resource where you and I can keep creative while having fun!! Have fun, relax and make something beautiful!
Bienvenidos a mi Blog! Briefs Creativos  Semanales para Inspirate. Una herramienta donde tú y yo podemos mantenernos creativos mientras nos divertimos! Relájate, diviértete y crea algo estupendo!

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6 julio 2015

Pulp Hola, hola!! Here you have this week’s inspiration: Cut open a piece of fruit you have at home Look at the different color tones, texture, shape and then smell it and touch it Remember to take notes and make sketches while you do your research Make a design, pattern, painting or collage inspired by […]

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Hello!! I hope you are great!! This week’s creative brief is Sit on it! Her you have some inspiration http://www.pinterest.com/anchobee/sit-on-it/ and here is the brief http://anchobee.com/blog/sit-on-it/ due date to share your design is Monday January 27, 2014. Last week’s brief was Pulp! It was so much fun to research beautiful variety of fruits. Nature is […]

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Hello lovely people! I hope your year is starting on a creative note. The beginning of every year can be a little bit frustrating, you start with high hopes and attitude and slowly but surely you realize it won’t be so easy. So make sure this month you make short lists not huge impossible lists […]

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Tutti Frutti

Hello everyone! I hope you have a wonderful week full of creativity and that you are very motivated to create wonderful things. Last week in Anchobee’s brief we had to make fruits in pastel colors. My first instinct always is to use bright contrasting colors, let’s say subtleness is not my thing, so for me […]

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Fruity pastels

Hello! Yes, is Friday and is brief time!! Remember this blog is to keep us motivated and creative. If you have the opportunity to share with us your creations for these design briefs that is GREAT and it makes me really happy when I see your designs but if you can’t please don’t worry and […]

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