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Bienvenidos a mi Blog! Briefs Creativos  Semanales para Inspirate. Una herramienta donde tú y yo podemos mantenernos creativos mientras nos divertimos! Relájate, diviértete y crea algo estupendo!

Happy Autumn New Year!!!

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AppleHello dear people! How is your BACK TO REALITY week going? I hope great.

I always say that a year has three new years; 1 in January (Gregorian calendar New Year), Another one on your birthday (THE actual new year) and when you come back from summer (the “Ok now that I procrastinated for a month or two NOW I’m going to do wonderful things” new year.)  This last one works the same as the Gregorian Calendar one, you promise to lose weight, exercise, eat healthier, quit smoking, drink less, be more productive, be less lazy, learn a foreign language, take a gazillion courses.. did I miss anything? I’m sure I did! And of course Gregorian calendar New Year comes three months later and you feel like you haven’t achieved anything!

Like 10 years ago, on the ever so wise saying “be careful what you wish for” I decided that instead of asking for things and making resolutions, I decided to be thankful. So my list every New Year consists on all the things I’m thankful for and a word or two that summarize my intention for the future (until next New Year!) for example, peacefulness, creativity, patience, balance, happiness, receptiveness…etc

The exercise:

Why not try something different this Autumn New Year? Try this, make a list with all the achievements you have had in last year (summer to summer) all of them not only work wise but in your personal life too. At least you have to write down 13 (to go with the year 2013!), if you have more great! If you have less…try harder because there is an achievement every day!! When you are doing this don’t categorize “achievement” as you were Michael Phelps, you are you and YOUR achievements are SO important. Ok do it and then come back to read the rest of the post….

Don’t peek!! Make your list!

Done?? Great!! Was it hard? Did it flow? Did you have a hard time writing good things? You have done SO much in a year!! Read the list out loud, write down more things if you think you missed some. Did you feel better about yourself? If you didn’t then you haven’t done the exercise right, you have used negativity to write, start again.  Here is mine, forget about the content and more about the intention of the list:

  1. I decided to invest in a course to do things I was so afraid to do
  2. I decided to be positive about my job ending and see it as an opportunity and not a huge drama
  3. I have allowed myself to love and trust my husband
  4. I have given all my concentration and effort to make something out of what I learn
  5. I have intended to be happier with ALL I have
  6. I have tried to manage my temper trying to understand what scares me to make me so angry
  7. I have worked hard
  8. I’ve been brave and  changed carriers
  9. I have been patient
  10. I have been patient with expectations
  11. I have made a working plan but I try to be flexible
  12. I have been obedient with the universe
  13. I’ve been sad but tried to be loving with myself through the process

Once you are done and have read it out loud, something in that list will stand out; write it down BIG and on a different color on the bottom of the page.

Done? Ok now on the top of the page  in BIG letters and in another color, write “Thank you because:”

Done? Ok now, right on top of the bottom big stand out phrase, write “My intention:”

Great!! Now read all of it out loud! This list should go somewhere you can see it, feel proud about it. The refrigerator maybe, on one side of the mirror where you see yourself every morning, in your sketchbook…

Let me know how it goes!! Have a great weekend and remember Monday is due date for your rainy day umbrella design. Do join us! http://anchobee.com/blog/blame-it-on-the-rain/

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