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Bienvenidos a mi Blog! Briefs Creativos  Semanales para Inspirate. Una herramienta donde tú y yo podemos mantenernos creativos mientras nos divertimos! Relájate, diviértete y crea algo estupendo!

DID List!

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didlistHello, Happy Friday!!!!! I hope you are great!

I have a proposition for you today. Every time a new year starts we all do the same thing, we tend to overflow the glass with great plans, our expectations are so high and as each day passes we start to get more and more frustrated and start to fall in the contagious whirlpool of procrastination and self abuse. My proposition is for you to try something different, see what happens it may be highly gratifying!

From today until the end of the month (January 10 – January 31), 10 exact days, make a list before you go to bed. This list will be your DID list instead of your TO DO list. In this list you will write down all you did that day, example:

  •  started a new design
  •   selected the color palette I will use
  •   cleaned the kitchen
  •   cooked dinner
  •   uploaded a design for the Tigerprint competition
  •   Started sketching for this week’s Anchobee Blog Creative Brief (HA! J)
  •   Called for doctor’s appointment…

Try not to plan ahead too much, just write down what you did that day. Keep it in a notepad. When the 10 days are over, starting on February, then it is time to make your yearly business and home plan. Once this period of high expectations is over you can concentrate in a good plan with realistic goals and balancing between your home life and your business, both equally important.

Let me know how it’s going for you and please remember that you are YOU and there is no one in the world with the same life, structure, thoughts, expectations, emotions like you, so don’t compare yourself with others or want to be like some else because if you don’t succeed and you probably won’t, you will be so frustrated and if you do succeed, HORROR, YOU, everything you are and everyone around you, won’t exist anymore!

Remember Monday is due date for your Titile it! design, do share, we would love to see it!! Here is the brief and instructions http://anchobee.com/blog/title-it/

Have a great weekend!!

Here is the link to the happy New Year post with my theory on New Year’s resolutions http://anchobee.com/blog/happy-new-year/

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