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Is that chair taken?

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Chair takenHello! How are you? Seriously, how are you?

I’ve been in a little rollercoaster, work wise and emotionally too. Finally about two weeks ago I reached a balance and now there is peace in my heart.

I have a little exercise that you can do to reach your balance and have peace in your heat as well. This exercise has really worked for me, along the last 8 years I’ve done it many times and works every time.

Come along, It will take some minutes and it can help you a lot to be more focused, calmer, more creative, patient and loving.

Here we go!

Imagine yourself when you were a little girl or boy. Imagine your eyes how they looked, your hands, your hair, your knees… Close your eyes and take a minute to imagine yourself bottom to top.

Go! I’ll be here when you come back.

Read this and then close your eyes and do it. Prepare pen and paper.

Ok now imagine your child in a corner sitting on the floor crying. Take a chair, sit your child in that chair and take another chair put it in front and sit down. You have to ask her/him what is wrong. Let your child talk to you. If he doesn´t talk to you, talk to her/him until your child is comfortable enough to talk to you. Once you are in a conversation, be caring and loving remember she/he is a child, be patient and explain things and life to him/her. Listen to her/his fears and make him/her understand that you have been through worse and that you have always pulled through and that this time you will too. When you think your child feels secure and protected, hug him/her tight.

Go talk to your child, I’ll wait right here…

Now take your paper and pen and write her/him a letter where you tell her/him everything you talked about and all you promised and finish the letter with “WE’ve been through worse and WE’ve always pulled through, this time WE will too.” Title it Dear (your name). Read it out loud in private. Remember to date your letter fold it with care and put somewhere safe.

Try to do this once in a while and collect those letters, you’ll see how good it feels to read them later on. You can also do it when you feel balanced, loving and loved. Your child will be so happy instead of crying and you can ask him/her how they feel! Write it down as well.

If you like, you can help yourself concentrate by doing this exercise and doing the chairs in your safe happy place. http://anchobee.com/blog/happy-place/

I hope this works! Remember the better you treat yourself, the kinder you are and the more risks you take to do so, the more gifts the universe will give you.

Please tell me if it worked for you, it helps me keep motivated!

Have a GREAT WEEKEND!! Oh don’t forget Monday is due date for you WONDERFUL chicken art! Here Chickie chickie! http://anchobee.com/blog/chickens/

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