Welcome to my blog! Weekly Creative Briefs to Inspire. A resource where you and I can keep creative while having fun!! Have fun, relax and make something beautiful!
Bienvenidos a mi Blog! Briefs Creativos  Semanales para Inspirate. Una herramienta donde tú y yo podemos mantenernos creativos mientras nos divertimos! Relájate, diviértete y crea algo estupendo!

Fruity pastels

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Hello! Yes, is Friday and is brief time!!

Remember this blog is to keep us motivated and creative. If you have the opportunity to share with us your creations for these design briefs that is GREAT and it makes me really happy when I see your designs but if you can’t please don’t worry and please don’t stress about it, you’re supposed to have fun! The idea is to get your imagination going and that these briefs might help you with whatever you are working on right now.

Having said that … do share!! Ha ha ha just kidding…

For today’s brief the vox populi has decided that pastels are our thing so pastels it is.

Here are the instructions, remember to follow them thoroughly as an exercise so you follow instructions when clients ask you for work or for contests.


DUE DATE APRIL 26, at midnight GMT +1

Make a fruit pattern using pastel colors for fabric

Make sure you do a seamless pattern

Inspiration: Research for 10 minutes max fruits (make sure they are fruits)

Use pastel colors, you can use Pantone pastel palette

If you wish to share your design in this blog:

Upload your design in the Brief? Me! Tab in the top menu

Make your image 400px x 400px JPG Low resolution

Please WATERMARK your image, this is important

Don’t forget to leave a link so people can reach you

Please name your design with your name _ your designs name ex. Anchobee_littleflowers

DUE DATE MAY 3, at midnight GMT +1

Have fun, relax and make something beautiful!

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